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    Pouria Kargar Ghaleh Seifi

    Founder and Managing Lawyer of PKG Law and a member of the Law Society of Ontario, Pouria has over a decade of experience in the Real Estate industry and over five years experience in Real Estate Law. Pouria is equipped and experienced to help his clients close transactions. He provides exceptional service, constant available communication, as well as helping his clients understand the process as they move through the various stages of closing a Real Estate transaction.

    Pouria specializes in a wide variety of areas within Real Estate Law such as purchase and sale transactions for residential and commercial properties, refinancing, and private lending. He also has extensive experience in business and can assist with the incorporation of new businesses, name searches, corporate change, shareholder agreements, and more.

    Being a family-oriented man, Pouria is also passionate about protecting your loved ones in every way possible, even in the event of your passing. He takes great care and pride in assisting his clients with drafting Wills to do just that.

    As the founder of PKG Law, Pouria wears many hats, however, he enjoys the challenge of managing multi-disciplinary projects and with the help of the amazing team at PKG Law, constantly expanding the scope and reach for their clients.

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    Practice Areas


    Real Estate

    Real Estate


    Buying a home is the largest purchase most people do in their lives. Whether it is your first home, or you own multiple homes, it is always exciting being handed those keys for the first time. At PKG LAW we strive to make this process not only seamless and stress-free but fun and exciting! Our mission is to ensure our clients get to sit back and enjoy the process because we are proactive and always ahead of deadlines. From reviewing the agreement of purchase and sale to ensuring our clients get the clean title on closing, we are with you every step of the way, even post-closing. We service clients all over Ontario and assist with purchasing any kind of residential or commercial property within the province.


    Selling your home can be just as exciting as when you purchased it. At PKG LAW we ensure that the transaction goes smoothly and without any delays. We handle all kinds of transactions in Ontario including all residential and commercial properties. Our staff at PKG have many years of experience in all Real Estate matters so our clients can always rest assured that every penny from their sale will be accounted for and their funds are in good hands and will be released to them immediately after closing.


    PKG LAW is Real Estate Insured and is in good standing with all lenders in Canada. Dealing with lenders from your “Big Five” banks to all other banks, lending institutions, credit unions, private lenders, and more. We act for both lenders and borrowers and both are confident in working with us due to the value we bring to each transaction. Even same-day closings are possible when you have the experience and efficiency our team brings to every file.

    Constructions Liens

    Since December 2017, the legislation was substantially changed to include mechanisms for prompt results. For starters, the former operating legislation, the Construction Lien Act, is now called the Construction Act. Though many provisions of the former Act remain unchanged, there have been some critical changes: The timelines to Preserve and Perfect a construction lien have been extended.

    At PKG LAW we stay up to date with legislation and case law giving our clients the confidence they deserve when retaining a Lawyer.

    Wills & Estates

    Wills & Estates

    Wills & Estates

    As experts who have seen it all, we recommend all our clients no matter the age or position in life have a Will. Protecting our loved ones and ensuring they are taken care of once we pass on is just as important as taking care of them while we are alive. Unfortunately, we never know when our time is up, and sometimes we do not have any warnings. Planning is key to having that peace of mind and we at PKG LAW are here to make sure your wishes are met if you ever, unfortunately, meet your end.
    Private Landing

    Private Lending

    Private Lending

    Whether you are a private individual or an institution such as a Mortgage Investment Company (M.I.C), we treat your money as if it’s our own and ensure we take every step necessary to protect your investment. From drafting commitment letters to preparing all necessary documents, we act on your behalf through the whole process and never leave our lenders exposed to bad, unenforceable loans.

    Mortgage Enforcement

    Lenders who come to PKG LAW do so with confidence knowing that our team of litigators will protect their interests and recover their mortgages if needed. At PKG, our lawyers specialize in getting your mortgages repaid and expediting the process all while ensuring their fees are paid by the borrower. Our litigators have extensive experience dealing with Power of Sales, Certificate of Pending Litigations (CPL’s), injunctions, and other avenues used to protect your money.

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    Corporate Law

    Corporate Law

    At PKG LAW we have extensive experience and can assist you with;

    • Business Incorporation
    • Notice of Change
    • Change in Directors
    • Shareholder Agreements
    • Business and Corporate Restructuring




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